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Sale Pending
28 photos
1837 Dewhirst Drive
3,100 sq. ft."3100 of 3185" 4-Level Split Residential 3 4 One Half Bath
28 photos
6526 Sproul Lane
$290,000 2,524 sq. ft. 2 Story Residential 5 4
26 photos
3566 Shady Rock Drive
$2,195.00 Monthly 3,084 sq. ft."3084 of 3084" 2 Story Residential 5 4 One Half Bath
14 photos
7055 Vasalias HT
$1,495.00 Monthly 2,117 sq. ft. 2 Story Residential 3 3
17 photos
7604 Autumn Knoll DR
$1,495.00 Monthly 2,317 sq. ft. 2 Story Residential 4 3
8 photos
1103 3rd Street
$725.00 Monthly 670 sq. ft. Single Story Residential 2 1


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