Frequently Asked Questions by Applicants/Tenants

FAQ About Our Application Process:


  • Where can I find your application? Our application is located under “My Current Listings” and can be retrieved by clicking on the "Application and CC 2016" link to the left of the listing. You will then input your email address and click "Request Attachment". The application will then be emailed to you as a PDF attachment. You can then download the attachment and fill out the application. You may either fax, email, or mail/drop off the application fee to us. Your application fee will have to be paid to our office. Please see section on application fees below for further information.


  • What are your application requirements?  We do first-come, first-serve on applications. All applicants must first view a property before applying for it. If you are out of state, you may have a friend or relative view the home on your behalf. If you don’t know anyone in the area, you may hire a local Realtor to act on your behalf as a tenant-agent. You must make 3 times the rent for your gross income. We do not accept child support as proof of income, and we require at least 2 months of paystubs or a job offer letter from your employer if you are transferring jobs from out of state. We also need a photo copy of each applicant's driver's license. Roommates must qualify individually for the income or a double security deposit may be required. We will also verify the last 3 years of your rental history.  We do not accept cosigners


  • How much is your application fee? Our application fee is $45 per adult or $80 per married couple. Since our office policy is first-come, first-serve, we will not cash your application fee if we do not process your application. The application fee is non-refundable once your application has been processed. We do not accept cash or credit cards, and the application fee must be paid in check or money order directly to our office.


  • What is your pet policy? Each property has a specific pet policy set by the property owner. Our properties have a strict office policy across the board of: No aggressive breeds or no pets under 1 year are allowed. A photo of each pet must be submitted with your application. If your pet(s) is outside the set pet policy for a property, you may submit your request via email with the pet descriptions and photo(s) of your pet(s).


  • What are your credit requirements? Each applicant will have a credit report pulled through our credit report agency. We do not accept copies of credit reports from any other source. We do not look at credit scores; we look at debt-to-income as well as any negative items (i.e. repossessions, judgements, tax liens, foreclosures, open collections, bankruptcies, and/or past-due payments). Open bankruptcies will be an automatic denial. Other items will be looked at case by case and may be approved with a double security deposit. We are always looking for applicants with good credit.


  • What are the lease term requirements? All of our properties are a minimum lease term of 1 year, unless otherwise specified. The security deposit is never allowed to be used as the last month’s rent. Leases may only go month-to-month at the end of the natural lease expiration if approved by the property owner. The security deposit and signed lease are due within 48 hours of being approved for a property.


  • What are the Background/Rental History/Eviction Check Requirements? Any felony or eviction will be an automatic denial as well as any report that is sexual or violent in nature. We will look at the last 3 years of each applicant’s rental history, and we require a clean rental history of no late payments as well as taking great care of the home.


**Please see the Maintenance and Emergencies tab for addtional FAQ**